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15 Dec 2020

Background: The current economic scenario in India is in expansion mode. The Indian Government is increasingly showing greater enthusiasm to increase the GDP rate of growth from grass root levels with introduction of liberal policies and initiatives for entrepreneurs like ‘Make in India’, ‘Startup India’, MUDRA etc. ‘Make in India’ is great opportunity for the Indian start-ups. With the Government going full speed ahead on developing entrepreneurs, it could arrest brain drain and provide an environment to improve availability of local talent for hiring by Startup firms. Depending on the stage of the business cycle, the Startup arena can face lot of challenges ranging from finance to human resources and from launch to sustaining the growth which can be aided by strong IPR policies in the country. 


Expectations of the session: Through this discussion, would like to gather experiences of various Healthcare Startups at different stages of their business cycle and list broad set of challenges they face. A key part will be to share best practices between the countries and within the Indian eco-system. 


Speakers: Govt. agency, Industry representatives, Venture Capitalists, One Star Investor, One Startup


Format of event: Webinar/ Panel Discussion


Participation: Open event

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