For a country with 1.3 billion population, we have an acute shortage of doctors and nurses such that we have a dismal less than one doctor for 1,000 people. This shortage is even more accentuated when it comes to specialists. Be it, pulmonologists, neurologists, nephrologists or general surgeons, India has a perpetual short supply of specialists, we produce less than 50,000 specialists a year. In a country which is increasingly being referred to as the heart disease capital of the world, there are a paltry 4,000 cardiologists, when what we require is 88,000.

Therefore, the majority of healthcare needs are taken care of by physicians and where they are in short supply, by the nurses and other paramedics. However, these physicians and nurses are not necessarily equipped with the right skills and updated scientific knowledge for managing complicated cases, commonly found in chronic non-communicable diseases

Program Overview

In India-Sweden Healthcare Innovation Centre we understand the need to equip and train the doctors and para medics with updated and practical hands on skills and knowledge for effective day to day handling of patients. We in collaboration with all our partners are extensively working on to create and roll-out curriculum that is highly research oriented and scientific approach which will improve patient management and treatment efficiencies of the doctor and thereby reducing the overall disease burden of the society